16 Simple & Powerful Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

16 Powerful Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

February 27, 2024 GemPages Team 0 Comments
video marketing ideas for small businesses

Content is King, and Video is King of content. 

Customers fall in love with video content types. 91% of people say they want to see more video content from brands. And 87% of the marketers witnessed an increase in their sales after investing in video marketing. That’s why every business likes to leverage video content in their marketing strategies. 

“But isn’t it expensive?”—this question might be the first and most often asked if you are running a small business.

The answer is: It doesn’t have to be. Even low-cost video production can generate a tremendous return on investment. For small businesses with a limited budget for marketing, this blog is tailored for you. Our video marketing ideas for small businesses and top tips can help you embrace the power of video content to boost sales and marketing goals.

Why Small Businesses Need Video Marketing

Keep customers engaged

In the shorter span of customer’s attention, video content comes in as a marketer’s salvage.

The average user spends 88% more time on websites that have videos. Video is memorable, easy to digest, and therefore better at engaging customers. It combines visual and auditory elements, or other effects, to evoke emotions and create a multi-sensory experience. 

This is also the reason why video smashes other marketing content types to be the most captivating one. 83% of people prefer watching videos over accessing instructional or informational content through text or audio.

Increase brand awareness

Videos have the ability to tell stories with a human touch. They demonstrate your company profile, products, and services in an easy-to-digest way. With sight and sound, viewers absorb information better than readers do. 

Real-life scenes in videos also help build your brand’s trust and credibility. 

In addition, videos are highly shareable and have the potential to go viral, which helps expose your brand awareness to a wider audience. 

The extra mile value: Google displays video content as featured snippets. This will be a tremendous benefit to your SEO ranking and your brand’s online visibility. 

Boost leads and sales

Video content can be incorporated into every stage of the sales funnel to help you better reach your marketing goals. They hold customers’ attention, nurture leads, and generate higher conversion rates. According to studies, 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to make a purchasing decision. 

Reach mobile customers

A whopping 79% of smartphone users make their purchasing decisions through mobile devices, making it a crucial approach for any sales and marketing campaigns. A mobile-first mindset is imperative, even for small business owners.

And mobile users love video content. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. There is no reason not to invest in video content marketing efforts!

It’s budget-friendly!

While video production can involve costs, you can absolutely save on expenses while creating effective content that resonates with target audiences. The affordability of Do-It-Yourself production and a wealth of video editing tools and software make it budget-friendly. 

Check out the top video marketing ideas for small businesses and valuable tips below.

16 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses (+Examples)

Here are 16 recommended video marketing ideas for small businesses. Given their particular requirements and limitations, they are affordable, effective, easy to make, and suitable for small firms. 

Let’s dive in!

Introduction video

Customers often struggle to retain key messages about your company when presented with dull and uninteresting text. Treat them to an introduction video! It doesn’t just introduce them; it entertains them. 

The introduction video makes it easier for viewers to understand and remember your company, its products or services, and its mission or values, like Fresh Heritage does on their “Our Story” page. 

This video uses storytelling techniques to connect with viewers emotionally. It started with a brother’s trip to North Africa, where the two embarked on an adventure of traditional grooming habits, secrets, and oils designed for men’s hair. This inspired the founders to launch Fresh Heritage, a line of natural and organic beard grooming products for ethnic guys.

Viewers are taken on a journey that connects the past and present. The storytellers use real-life scenes to instill their company’s messages successfully: it is not only about high-quality men’s products but also history and cultural values.

Product showcase

A product showcase focuses on the features, benefits, and value of a specific product. This type of video content visually presents your products from different angles, highlighting their design, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. This video content marketing idea helps increase customers’ interest and likelihood of making a purchase.

Produce a visually appealing product showcase video, similar to one provided by Fresh Juice Blender.

The video showcases the blender in action. It demonstrates how easily and efficiently the Fresh Juice Blender can blend ingredients. The blender comes in a variety of settings, including the office, an outdoor picnic, and at home. It becomes an everyday carry item.

The camera focuses on the sleek design, showcasing its modern and stylish appearance.

Product demos/ tutorial series

Create a series of videos that demonstrate how to use your product effectively. Take inspiration from GemPages’ tutorial series called GemPages 101 on GemPages Academy.

GemPages 101 provides comprehensive guidance and instruction on how to build a Shopify store that sells with GemPages. The series covers comprehensive tutorials on creating and editing pages, designing layouts and specific sections, and using the AI feature Image-To-Layout to take frontstore to new heights.

You will be guided through each step that is carried out directly on the GemPages drag-and-drop editor, which demonstrates how fast and smart the design flow can be. 

GemPages 101 series provides Shopify store owners with useful guidelines and business tips.

Live streams

The rise of live-streaming shopping has been a noticeable video marketing ideas for small businesses in recent years, and it will even become bigger in the years to come. Stream live sales and promotion events, Q&A sessions, or behind-the-scenes activities to connect with your audience in real time.

Check out the case study of Pai Skincare’s live-stream event on their website. 

In 2021, Pai launched a Live Shopping channel as a platform for engaging with customers. They hosted live events twice a week with special offers. 

Pai Skincare hosts Live Shopping events weekly and gains impressive customers engagement.

The result? Their customers love Live Shopping, shown by the impressive conversion rate of 17%, which is 6.3 times higher than the industry average. And Live shopping accounted for 10% of online revenue in 2021. 

Upcoming special offers

Deals and promotions never fail to entice, as do the videos that announce them. Create teaser videos to announce and build excitement around upcoming special offers or promotions, like Taza Chocolate does on their fanpage.


The video is only five seconds long, very simple, and has graphics that look good showing the 15% discount offer.

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Event highlights

Create a video highlighting the key moments and highlights of your business events or launches, such as the Fresh Heritage launch event.

It’s important to capture the most memorable moments that showcase the atmosphere and vibe of the event. Additionally, incorporating testimonials and interviews from attendees and speakers can add a personal touch and provide valuable insights into the event’s value and impact.


Host webinars on topics related to your industry or product. This video marketing idea for small business provides valuable information and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Take inspiration from the virtual event “Glow in” hosted by Then I Met You, a skincare brand. This is a virtual Valentine’s Day event featuring their founder and other guest speakers, spilling the beans about skincare routines, meditation, and other healthy habits that resonate with the brand’s target audiences. During the webinar, Then I Met You’s products are subtly mentioned.

The virtual event "Glow in" hosted by Then I met You.

Product updates

Create videos to inform your audience about the latest updates, new features, or improvements to your product. This video content marketing keeps your customers informed and engaged with your brand.

Shopify produces a video series of the platform’s updates.
Take a look at Shopify edition 2023. This series provides in-depth insights into the latest updates, features, and enhancements introduced by Shopify. It covers various topics, such as new design templates, improved marketing tools, advanced analytics capabilities, and strategies to boost online sales. 

Useful Tips and Tricks

Customers like to know tips and tricks to make their lives easier. This content type could include tutorials, how-to guides, or quick hacks that provide value to your target audience. This approach not only helps build brand awareness but also fosters a sense of loyalty and credibility among your audience. 

Watch a video series titled “Product care and tips” to see how Madeincookware engages with their customers. The scene is set in the kitchen, where the chef gives direct guidance on how to properly care for and protect cooking products. Every video captivates viewers with its fast pace, key takeaways, and a touch of humor. Their videos receive an impressive number of views and interactions.

Madeincookware produces a video series called “Product Care & Tips”.

Expert interview

One effective video marketing idea for small businesses is to conduct expert interviews. This allows viewers to gain valuable insights from industry experts and establishes your brand as a trusted source of information.

Take Press London as an example. They have created a video series featuring interviews with renowned nutritionists, fitness trainers, etc., where they discuss various aspects of wellness, share tips, and provide expert advice. These videos not only educate their audience but also help build credibility and attract potential customers interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.

An expert interview hosted by the London Press.

Customer testimonials/ case studies

Customer testimonials and case studies are strong tools in video marketing, as they provide social proof and build trust among potential customers. More powerful than any advertising are the words of satisfied customers.

Here at Madsencycles, we’ve got a whole bunch of videos documenting their customers’ adventures on MADSEN Bikes. Each phone is captured by the phone. Neither the video quality nor the effects are up to par. Their authenticity and genuine, earthy emotions are what make them work.

User-generated video

User-generated video refers to content created and shared by individuals rather than your brands. To collect user-generated video, you can encourage your customers to share their experiences through social media campaigns or by hosting contests.

Beauty Bakerie successfully implemented video content marketing by launching a video series where customers showcase their unique makeup looks using the brand’s products, encouraging others to try them out as well. 

A customer showcases their unique makeup looks using Beauty Bakerie products.

Seasonal videos around holidays

The holiday season is a golden occasion for businesses to earn big money. Create seasonal videos around holidays to make the most of this peak.

Staples, an office supply retail brand, has successfully utilized this strategy by creating a video series called “Holiday Success” that provides tips and ideas for a stress-free holiday season. They have also produced videos focused on back-to-school preparations, which have resonated well with their target audience. 

Company milestones

Highlighting your company’s milestones is a way to showcase your growth and success. This can help build trust and credibility among potential customers. 

For example, GiveMeTap, a social enterprise that sells reusable water bottles, created a video showcasing the journey of their bottles from production to delivery. This not only promoted their product but also highlighted their commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact on the community.

Meet the team

“Meet the Team” video is where founders and employees of your company introduce themselves and share their passion for the brand. This personal touch can resonate with customers and make them feel more connected to the brand.

Your video can include behind-the-scenes footage or interviews with team members from either a large corporation or a startup team. This can add an extra layer of authenticity to the video, making it more engaging and relatable for viewers.

Here, the founders of Lastobject created a video showcasing their journey, explaining how they came up with the idea for their sustainable products and sharing their vision for a more eco-friendly future. 

Behind the scene

These video content marketing can give viewers a deeper understanding of your company’s values, work ethic, and dedication to quality. Some ideas for “Behind the scene” videos include showcasing the process of creating a product or service, providing an office tour, or highlighting the event preparation.

Behind the Scene” videos created by The Wiral Lyte, an easy-to-use cable camera, feature behind-the-scenes footage of the team using the Wiral Lyte in various settings. Viewers would get to see how the Wiral Lyte is used to capture stunning aerial shots, giving them a look at the product. 

Tips for Creating Cost-Effective Marketing Video

Align with sales funnels

Understand your target audience and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Create videos that cater to each stage of the sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. This ensures that your videos are relevant and effective in driving action.

Repurpose video content across multiple channels

Maximize the reach and impact of your video by repurposing it across various channels. For example, you can share snippets on social media, embed them in blog posts, or include it in email newsletters. This approach extends the lifespan of your video content marketing and increases its visibility without incurring additional production costs.

Leverage powerful video creation tools

Take advantage of affordable or free video creation tools available today. These tools offer user-friendly interfaces, templates, and editing capabilities that enable you to create professional-looking videos without the need for expensive equipment or specialized skills.

Keep it short and concise

Attention spans are short, so aim for a shorter video duration. Focus on delivering your message succinctly and engagingly. A shorter video is not only more cost-effective to produce but also more likely to hold viewers’ attention and drive them to take the desired action.

Key takeaways

Surely by now you’ve come up with some video marketing ideas for your business in 2024. Creating a video product from scratch doesn’t have to cost much, especially if you have some fantastic ideas. If you own a small business, we hope these 16 ideas for marketing videos can serve as a springboard for your brand. By leveraging video marketing ideas for small businesses, you can connect with your target audience on a deeper level, increase brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales.

Give it a shot for 2024.

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