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Create Contact Us Page with GemPages

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How to create a contact us page

In the world of thriving Shopify stores, a well-structured Contact Us page is indispensable. It serves as a crucial link between you and your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and instilling trust. Beyond being a mere communication channel, the page is a cornerstone for credibility, customer support, and valuable feedback collection.

With a strategically designed Contact Us page, you can strengthen customer relationships and set your store on a path to success. Dive into the process of creating a Contact Us page using GemPages.

How Important Are Contact Us Pages

Contact Us pages are essential for Shopify stores, as they provide excellent customer support, address inquiries, and build customer trust. They contribute to a positive shopping experience and overall business success by offering a valuable communication link between the store and its customers.

Customer inquiries

E-commerce stores often receive many customer inquiries about product details, shipping information, returns, and more. A Contact Us page provides a dedicated channel for customers to ask questions and receive prompt assistance.

Order support

Customers may have questions about their orders, such as tracking information, delivery times, or order modifications. This page allows them to get in touch quickly to address these issues.

Product information

Customers might seek more product information, such as specifications, materials, sizing, and compatibility. A Contact Us page allows them to inquire about these details before making a purchase decision.

Returns and refunds

E-commerce transactions occasionally result in returns or refund requests. A Contact Us page offers customers a direct means to initiate these processes and obtain the necessary instructions.

Technical support

Some customers might encounter technical issues while navigating the online store, such as problems with the checkout process or account access. A Contact Us page lets them report these issues for resolution.

Custom orders and special requests

Contact Us pages can be used by customers who want to place customized orders or have special requests that may not fit the standard online shopping process.

Building trust

Like any other business, a well-designed Contact Us page builds trust and legitimacy for the online store, reassuring customers that they can reach out if they have concerns.

Feedback and reviews

E-commerce businesses benefit significantly from customer feedback and reviews. A Contact Us page can be a gateway for customers to provide feedback on their experiences, which can be used to improve the store’s offerings and overall customer experience.


Contact Us pages can allow customers to request personalized assistance, leading to better customer relationships and increased loyalty.

Multi-channel communication

Shopify stores can provide multiple contact options, such as email, phone numbers, live chat, and social media links. This accommodates different communication preferences and allows customers to choose the method that suits them best.

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Create a Contact Us Page using GemPages v6

Option 1: Use Pre-built Contact Us Templates

This option is the best solution for stores wanting a separate Contact Us page. GemPages offers users 4 comprehensive templates:

Let’s learn how to use these templates to create a Contact Us page by following these steps:

Step 1: When you land on GemPages Dashboard > Click “Create new page” > Select “Landing page”.

Create a new landing page on GemPages v6.

Step 2: Click “Explore template” on the Design area to open the Library.

Find the template on GemPages v6.

Step 3: In GemPages’ Library > Type “Contact” into the search bar > Click “Add to page” for the suitable template.

You can also find the Contact Us template by heading to Use Case Filter> Select “Information page”.

Find the Contact Us page by the use case filter on GemPages v6.

Step 4: Customize your Contact Us template.

Customize the Contact Us section on GemPages v6.

Option 2: Use Contact Us Sections

Consider this option when adding a Contact Us section to every page you like, not limited to a separate landing page.

On GemPages version 6, you have up to 8 templates for this section. Follow these steps to add a Contact Us section to the existing page.

Step 1: On Design Area > Click “Explore Blocks” to open the Block library.

Add block on GemPages v6.

Step 2: Select “Contact us” on the Use Case Filter in the Information section.

Step 3: Find your favorite, click “Add to page”.

Step 4: Customize the section using GemPages v6 setting panel.

Customize the Contact Us section on GemPages v6.

Create a Contact Us Page using GemPages v7

Option 1: Use Image-to-Layout

This option is suitable if you want a separate testimonial page that looks fancy and professional, like the ones you always love. You can also create a section using this feature.

Learn More: [V7] Image to Layout

Step 1: On Dashboard > Click “Create a landing page from link or image”.

Step 2: Use Image-to-Layout by pasting your link > Click “Generate” or “Upload image from your device”.

Important note: You can resize the image width to more than 1440px and then upload again if Image-to-Layout does not function properly.

Image-to-Layout’s guide when uploading images.

Step 3: Wait and tick on the sections you want to include on the page > Hit “Generate” > Wait for the chosen sections to be adapted to your design area.

Step 4: Customize the generated layout to suit your taste.

Customize the contact us section on GemPages v7.

Option 2: Use Pre-built Contact Us Templates

Step 1: On Design Area, click “Choose Templates” to open the template’s library.

Adding a template on GemPages v7.

Step 2: On the template library, type Contact into the search bar in the upper right corner > Click “Add to page” for your preferred template.

Search templates on GemPages v7.

You can also discover templates by using the Use Case Filter. Check the “Information page” box and click “Add to page” for your chosen template.

Find templates using the use case filter on GemPages v7.

Step 3: Customize the template for your store’s Contact Us page.

Customize your contact us page on GemPages v7.

Option 3: Use the Contact Us sections

You might find this option appealing if you wish to add a “Contact Us” section to a page you choose without the constraints of a dedicated landing page.

SOn Design Area, click “Choose Templates” to open the section’s library.

Adding a template on GemPages v7.

Step 2: In the section library, select “Contact Us,” then click “Add to Page” for your desired option.

Add to page a contact us section on GemPages v7.

Step 3: Customize the added section.

Customize the contact us section on GemPages v7.

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How to optimize the Contact page

Enhancing your page demands a strategic approach to bolster accessibility, user interaction, and visibility. Moreover, creating a well-optimized “Contact Us” page aligns your Shopify store with local SEO strategies, helping you connect with local customers effectively. Here are the essential guidelines that you should consider following:

Use location-specific keywords: Incorporate keywords related to your location to improve local search visibility. For instance, if you have a local bakery in New York, use phrases like “New York bakery” to attract local customers.

Implement schema markup: Add schema markup to your contact details for better search engine understanding. This helps your information appear prominently in search results, increasing engagement.

Ensure NAP consistency: Maintain consistent Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) across platforms to avoid confusion and enhance your local search ranking.

Optimize Google My Business: Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing with accurate information and images. One effective way is to link it to your page, which boosts local visibility.

Embed a Google Map: Enrich the user experience by embedding a Google Map displaying your store’s location. This reinforces your physical presence and aids customers in finding you quickly.

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Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur or just starting out, using GemPages for crafting your Shopify Contact Us page can be a game-changer in boosting your store’s success. A meticulously customized and optimized Contact Us page can substantially enhance customer engagement and overall user experience. However, it’s crucial to prioritize clarity, accessibility, and visual appeal in your design, ensuring that customers can easily reach out and connect with your store.

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