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Lead Capture Landing Pages: The Ultimate Guide

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how to create a lead capturing landing page
In the realm of eCommerce, where every click matters, consider your landing page as the key to your success and growth. Despite not being the favored signup form, Hubspot reveals that landing pages have the highest conversion rates (23%). With that in mind, it becomes essential to craft a lead capture landing page.

What is a Lead Capture Landing Page?

Lead generation or Lead capture landing pages are web pages designed to get important information from visitors, like names and email addresses. In exchange, visitors usually get something valuable, such as a free ebook or trial. The collection of users’ information occurs through a form embedded on the page, starting the process of building relationships with potential customers.

A lead capture landing page that requests irrelevant information in comparison to the offer often gets ignored. So, to effectively gather leads, your capture page should strike a balance between what you ask for and what you offer. The “ask” involves the information you request in form fields, while the “give” is the incentive you’re promoting.

During a user’s initial interaction with your business, the form should only seek basic contact information. For example, if you’re providing a top-of-the-funnel resource like a free ebook or webinar, keep your lead capture form concise with no more than three fields. Asking for more might discourage visitors on their first interaction. 

On the other hand, if you’re offering something like a free trial or product demonstration, a more detailed form may be suitable. The length of the form should also align with your customers’ position in your sales funnel.

A screenshot of GemPages pre-built landing page template.
A lead capturing landing page is a common approach to offering specialties to your customers.

The Benefits Of a Landing Page for Lead Generation

Landing pages that can capture leads are vital for marketing efforts, whether it’s through ads, emails, or social media. They’re the secret sauce for eCommerce success for some key reasons.

Increased Conversion Rate

Lead capture landing pages concentrate on a singular goal or call to action, providing information about a specific offer or item. With minimal limited navigation options, their simplicity guarantees that visitors remain concentrated on the intended goal, preventing distractions from multiple links that might otherwise lead them away from the page.

Improved Lead Quality

You can customize your lead capture landing pages to resonate with specific persona leads, attracting leads who are a good fit for your business. Additionally, consider including optional questions in the form to gather additional information and understand each lead’s needs and interests better.

Valuable Data and Insights

Based on the information collected, you can categorize your leads into different groups and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly, leading to better results. 

These pages also are conducive to A/B testing, allowing simultaneous experimentation with various elements. The collected data provides valuable insights for maximizing conversions.

Key Elements in Designing a Lead Capturing Landing Page​

Attractive Above-the-Fold Section

The term “Above-the-fold section” describes the visible area of a webpage that users can see without scrolling down.  It’s where you grab people’s interest and get them curious about what you offer. Think of it as your page’s main spotlight – the place to show off the most important info about your products or services. 

This section should get straight to the point about how you can help visitors before they ask. By showing how your offer meets their needs, you’re setting the stage for a good interaction. Keep it short and sweet but full of info!

An example of an above-the-fold section. One of the lead capture landing page templates from GemPages.

Interesting Headline and Subheading

Imagine your landing page headlines like the introduction to a story – they’re the first thing people notice. A strong headline needs to promptly tell visitors what your service/product is and eager them to read more. That’s why having clear and concise headlines is essential.

Right after headlines, you’ve got subheadings, which are just as important. While headlines capture attention and explain the page’s main idea, subheadings provide more details and structure to the content. They act as helpful guides, supporting the headline and keeping readers interested.

A screenshot of Supply.co hero banner.
Supply's brief headline combined with a descriptive sub-headline might be a hook for customers to click on where they should click.

Compelling Visuals and Design

Using visuals is a powerful way to strengthen the connection between customers and your business, creating excitement about your products and encouraging purchases. To achieve this, it’s important to use compelling images that showcase your business positively. Here are some approaches:

  • Feature product images that demonstrate how items work.
  • Use illustrations or diagrams to enhance customers’ understanding of your offerings.
  • Showcase images of people who represent your customer base to create a welcoming atmosphere.

While incorporating visuals, maintain a balance and ensure that images serve a specific purpose in the overall design of the landing page.

Visuals of a lead capture landing page.
Studio Neat's compelling visuals and designs vividly showcase its products.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Where you position the CTA can significantly impact conversions. It’s best to place it where visitors’ eyes naturally go, ideally above the fold so it’s visible without scrolling. Alternatively, placing it after engaging content ensures a smooth transition from reading to taking action.

The CTA’s design should distinguish it from the rest of the content, making it impossible to miss.

Here are some tips to nail your CTA buttons:

  • Choose the color of the CTA buttons carefully.
  • Ensure buttons have readable fonts for better clickability.
  • Leave negative space around CTA buttons.
  • Test for mobile responsiveness.
  • Use action verbs in your copy.

Effective Lead Capture Form

A lead capture form typically gathers information from visitors, which can be customized for purposes like newsletter subscriptions or ebook downloads. These forms may appear as pop-ups or be integrated into a page, offering freebies in exchange for information.

With the primary purpose of getting permission to connect with interested consumers, lead capture forms become an essential component of lead generation pages. 

Here’s a tip: Just keep it short by asking for basics like name, email, and phone number to get more sign-ups. Make it easy, and avoid making it too long or complicated for more people to join in.

Shopify's email capture landing page encourages visitors to sign up and receive notifications.

Best Lead Capture Landing Pages for Your Inspiration


Kulaland stands apart with its sole product: the sleep lamp. As an award-winning startup fueled by Nobel Prize-winning research, Kulala harnesses cutting-edge technology and the latest findings in chronobiology and sleep science to engineer lighting solutions that promote better sleep, uplift mood, and foster long-term health from infancy to adulthood.

What to learn from its landing page: 

  • The provided information is comprehensive, leaving no questions unanswered.
  • The multitude of brand assurances enhances credibility and fosters trust among potential customers.
  • The lead capture form is designed with simplicity in mind yet proves to be highly effective in converting visitors into leads.
Kulala's lead capture page.
The lead capture form of Kulalaland prioritizes the security of customer information.


Olipop has made a name for itself with its lineup of healthy probiotic sodas. This unique soda brand is packed with fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals, all aimed at supporting a healthy gut microbiome and digestive system. Since its establishment in 2018, Olipop has not only received multiple awards but has also captured the hearts of soda enthusiasts who appreciate its ability to replicate the taste of traditional sodas.

What to learn from its landing page: 

  • The landing page pays attention to simplicity and showcases clear product images, facilitating easy purchases. 
  • Nutrition facts are noticeably shown, highlighting the health benefits.
  • Olipop boosts credibility with snippets of reviews and customer testimonial videos.
  • A pop-up lead capture form is used, including an attractive discount offer.
Olipop's lead capture page.
Olipop's information landing page with its pop-up lead capture form.

True Botanicals

True Botanicals stands out as a premium skincare brand, dedicated to crafting consciously made products that uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and sustainability. With a firm commitment to vegan ingredients and sustainable sourcing, its formulations harness the power of potent plant extracts to deliver proven results for customers’ skin.

What to learn from its landing page:

  • True Botanicals ensures product confidence by showcasing proven results and guaranteeing 100% effectiveness. 
  • Clear headlines and Jessica Chastain’s image on the page strategically enhance the brand’s credibility. 
  • The brand offers lead capture forms as a pop-up and on the landing page.
True Botanicals’ lead capture page.
The lead capture forms of True Botanicals, available as a popup and on the landing page.

Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw is dedicated to crafting modern cat furniture that accommodates all aspects of a cat’s lifestyle, including sleeping, climbing, scratching, playing, and littering. Its products are designed for effortless assembly and are conveniently machine washable. 

What to learn from its landing page:

  • The website boasts an appealing design and intuitive layout, especially the above-the-fold section.
  • Detailed product images enable visitors to envision how each item will enhance their cat’s life.
  • The page effectively addresses cat owners’ needs directly with persuasive content, showing the distinctive advantages of each product to inspire trust in potential customers.
Tuft + Paw's lead capture form, with adorable visuals that are suitable for cat lovers.


Beautopia takes pride in being one of the foremost wholesalers in the Hair & Beauty sector in Australia. Boasting a diverse array of over 200 global brands, its primary objective is to present customers with the most current selections from both domestic and international labels.

What to learn from its landing page:

  • A prominent CTA in the lead capture form motivates visitors to sign up for the newsletter and get a discount, driving lead generation effectively. 
  • The inclusion of customer testimonials also adds credibility to Beautopia, further enhancing its appeal to potential customers.
Beautopia's lead capture form, with an engaging CTA and exclusive discount.

How to Create a Lead Capturing Landing Page from A to Z

Step 1: Define Your Target Audience and Set Goals

When creating a lead capture landing page, start by understanding your target audience and defining clear goals. Identify key demographics and pain points to tailor your messaging effectively. Set measurable metrics such as conversion rates and leads generated to track success. Align targets with your overall business objectives to ensure focus and motivation.

Step 2: Design Your Lead Capture Landing Page with GemPages

Creating a landing page for lead generation is super easy with GemPages because you are equipped with various pre-built templates and elements. Let’s learn how to do this task effortlessly with GemPages v6 and v7.

On GemPages v6

1. In GemPages Dashboard > Hit “Create new page” > Select “Landing page” in the dropdown menu.

2. Access the template library by hitting “Explore Template” in the Design Area. 

You can also do this by navigating to “Library icon” in the upper left corner. 

How to explore template on GemPages v6.

3. In the Use Case filter, select “Lead Capture” > Click “Add to Page” the preferred template > “Customize” the template to your liking.

On GemPages v7

GemPages v7 is the latest version of GemPages. By leveraging this version, you will be able to design landing pages more intelligently with the support of artificial intelligence. Let’s explore how to create a landing page using our groundbreaking AI-powered feature called Image-to-Layout.

Using Image-to-Layout

GemPages offers the Image-to-Layout feature, allowing you to transform your design ideas into reality just from an image or URL. All you need to do is to insert the reference and let the machine do its job.

1. In the GemPages Dashboard, click on “Create New Page” and select the page type you wish to create or start building from scratch.

2. In the Design Area, insert a URL or upload an image from your device to activate the Image-to-Layout.

3. After a short wait, select the sections you want to insert into your page. By default, the system will select all sections. Uncheck the section you don’t want on your page > Hit “Generate” to import them to the Design Area.

How to use Image-to-Layout on GemPages v7.

4. Customize the layout with advanced settings only available on GemPages v7.

gempages v7 settings
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Using pre-built landing pages

As in version 6, GemPages v7 still provides a library of pre-designed landing page templates that cater to various industries and goals. Choose a template that aligns with your brand and customize it to your needs by heading to our template library.

These templates are well-researched and customized based on customers ’ preferences. However, there are still some elements that need you to personalize. Let’s follow these steps to integrate one of the templates into your desired landing page.

1. Head to Design Area > Click “Templates” to access the pre-built templates library. You can also click on the Library icon in the upper left corner.

GemPages v7 template library

2. In the template library, select “Lead Generation Page” > Hit “Add to Page” to import the one to Design Area.

add a lead generation page

3. Feel free to customize.

How to add a lead capture template on GemPages v7.

Tips for an Effective Landing Page for Lead Generation

Here are some professional tips to further enhance your page’s performance and increase your conversion rate.

Tracking Setup

Leverage tools such as Google Analytics to track your landing page’s performance separately from your main store.

CRM Integration

Incorporate a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage and nurture leads captured through your landing page efficiently.

A/B Testing

Experiment with various elements of your landing page, such as headlines, visuals, CTAs, and form fields, to find the most effective combinations.

Domain Consistency

Ensure your landing page shares the same domain as your main store to maintain trust and a seamless user experience.

SEO Optimization

Optimize your landing page by incorporating relevant keywords, meta tags, and descriptive content to attract organic traffic.

Emotional Connection

Establish an emotional connection with visitors by incorporating storytelling and relatable content that addresses their pain points and aspirations.

FAQs about Lead Capture Landing Pages

1. What is a lead capture landing page?

A lead capture landing page is designed for collecting visitor information, typically in exchange for valuable content or offers.

2. Why are landing pages important for lead generation?

Landing pages are important for generating leads as they provide focused opportunities for visitors to take specific actions, ultimately driving conversions.

3. What is the difference between landing and lead pages?

While lead pages focus solely on capturing contact information, landing pages serve various purposes beyond lead generation.

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