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Top 11+ Conversion Rate Optimization Tools that Leverage Your Shopify Stores (2024)

conversion rate optimization tools

Drawing visitors to your Shopify store is just the beginning, the true challenge is converting those visitors into paying customers. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in. Understanding your visitors’ behavior and implementing the right strategies can transform your store from a virtual storefront into a conversion powerhouse.

With the right tools, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, experiment with different approaches, and optimize every aspect of your online store to enhance the shopping experience. In this blog, we’ll introduce some of the top CRO tools for Shopify owners, including analytics and reporting tools, A/B testing, heatmaps, and more. We’ve got everything you need to enhance your store’s performance.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Simply think of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) as the fine-tuning of your website to turn more visitors into paying customers. It’s all about understanding how people navigate your site, identifying any roadblocks that prevent them from buying, and then testing ways to make the experience smoother. This approach helps you maximize conversions without overwhelming your audience with complex changes.

Why Need to Utilize eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Shopify Stores

Data-Driven Decisions

CRO tools offer invaluable insights through data analysis, enabling store owners to make informed decisions rather than relying on guesswork. This data empowers you to optimize your store’s design, product offerings, and marketing strategies effectively.

Pain Points Identification

Beyond data analysis, these tools help uncover the reasons behind customer behavior. By identifying customer pain points, you can address them directly, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Personalized Targeting

CRO tools enable personalized marketing efforts and product recommendations based on customer data. This personalized approach fosters a more engaging shopping experience and increases the likelihood of conversions. Imagine showing visitors exactly what they’re looking for, right when they need it.

Enhanced User Experience

A smooth and enjoyable experience is key to keeping visitors engaged and coming back for more. CRO tools can help you optimize site speed for faster loading, simplify navigation to make finding products a breeze, and ensure flawless mobile compatibility so every visitor, no matter their device, can have a seamless experience. Remember, a happy shopper is a buying shopper!

Top 11+ Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Shopify Stores

I. Analytics and Reporting Tools

1. Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics 4, a widely-used web analytics and reporting tool. This powerful platform from Google goes beyond basic traffic tracking. It lets you analyze user engagement across both your website and mobile app, providing a holistic view of the customer journey. This means you can see how visitors interact with your brand at every touchpoint, giving you valuable insights to optimize the experience for conversions.

Google Analytics - a conversion rate optimization tool.
What capabilities does GA4 offer?
  • Analyze data from both websites and apps, giving you a holistic view of user behavior.
  • Provide event-based data instead of session-based metrics.
  • Emphasize user privacy with cookieless measurement, behavioral modeling, and key event tracking to comply with privacy regulations while gaining valuable insights.
  • Provide data-driven insights without complex models, helping you optimize your strategy.
  • Integrate directly with media platforms for streamlined campaign optimization and driving actions on your website or app.
What pricing options does GA4 have?
  • GA4: Free
  • GA360 (for large enterprises): Starting at $50,000 per year (available upon request)

2. Power BI

Power BI is a powerful tool from Microsoft that transforms your data from various sources (spreadsheets, databases, etc.) into visually engaging insights. It empowers you to build interactive dashboards and reports, making complex information clear and easy to share.

What capabilities does Power BI offer?
  • Build reports effortlessly with Power BI Desktop, accessing data without requiring advanced report design or query skills.
  • Utilize Power BI for real-time analytics, from factory sensors to social media sources, enabling timely decision-making.
  • Integrate various data sources such as Excel, CSV, SQL Server, and web files with Power BI to create interactive visualizations.
  • Customize visualizations to suit complex data needs with Power BI’s extensive library of visual options.
What pricing options does Power BI have?
  • Free account
  • Power BI Pro: $10 user/ month
  • Power Bi Premium Per User: $20 user/ month
  • Power BI Embedded: Variable

3. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an analytics tool designed to capture and analyze user interactions with your digital product. It offers simple, interactive reports that allow you to query and visualize data effortlessly with just a few clicks.

At the core of Mixpanel’s Data Model are three key concepts: Events, Users, and Properties.

What capabilities does MixPanel offer?
  • Track user interactions as events, such as clicks and page views.
  • Create funnels to visualize and analyze the steps users take to complete specific goals.
  • Measure and understand user retention over time.
  • Segment users based on various attributes (e.g., demographics, behavior) to understand how different groups of users interact with your product differently.
  • Provide A/B testing to experiment with different versions of your product and measure their impact on user engagement.
What pricing options does MixPanel have?
MixPanel Pricing.
  • Free: Free (Enjoy unlimited free access without the need for a trial, save up to 5 reports per user account).
  • Growth: From $28/ month (Designed for small teams using Mixpanel with fewer than 50 employees).
  • Enterprise: Variable (Customized for large teams requiring access controls, data governance features, dedicated onboarding support, and account management)

II. A/B Testing Tools

4. Optimizely

Optimizely empowers every stage of the marketing journey, enabling your team to swiftly create content, execute experiments with certainty, and deliver top-tier experiences. It offers A/B testing and multivariate testing tools, personalized website experiences, feature toggling, web content management, and digital commerce solutions.

Optimizely - a conversion rate optimization tool.
What capabilities does Optimizely offer?
  • Testing features: Run A/B, multi-page, and even multivariate tests to compare different website variations. Across all devices and platforms, Optimizely ensures you’re making data-driven decisions with its advanced statistical analysis, giving you the confidence to deliver the best possible experience.
  • Additional functionalities: Include content management, personalization, experimentation, data analysis, and more.
What pricing options does Optimizely have?

Optimizely provides customized pricing packages designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Contact the Optimizely team to define detailed packages and pricing options.

Optimizely pricing.
Optimizely plans cater to a variety of customer needs, including content marketing platforms, content management systems, web experimentation, feature experimentation, personalization, and more.

5. VWO

The VWO experience optimization platform is a comprehensive tool that enhances key business metrics by enabling effortless discovery of insights, testing of ideas, and boosting engagement throughout the entire customer journey. Utilizing this platform, you can establish a systematic, data-driven approach to analyze visitor data, comprehend user behavior, and experiment with various strategies to enhance website conversions.

VWO - a conversion rate optimization tool.
What capabilities does VWO offer?
  • A/B testing feature: Utilize VWO’s A/B testing feature across different platforms – website, mobile app, server-side – to optimize performance. VWO SmartStats provides intelligent insights to facilitate informed business decisions and streamline testing timelines. Users can monitor multiple metrics during A/B tests to assess their impact across the entire customer journey, enabling strategic decision-making.
  • Additional functionalities: Testing (multivariate testing, integrations, hypothesis, etc), behavior analytics (session recordings, heatmaps, funnel analysis, surveys, form Analysis, etc.)
What pricing options does VWO have?

Each VWO pricing plan is tailored to cater to specific target audiences based on their needs and team size.

  • Starter: Free
  • Growth: $314/ month
  • Pro: $722/ month
  • Enterprise: $1265/ month

*All paid plans are billed annually.

6. GemPages

If you want to build a Shopify online store, GemPages offers an excellent choice as a page builder with integrated A/B testing capabilities. GemPages is an effortless and conversion-focused Shopify page builder trusted by over 165,000 global sellers across 130+ countries, with 1,800,000 published Shopify store pages.

A/B testing is one of the features available in Version 6 of GemPages, designed to help you find the page version that effectively converts customers, without requiring any coding.

What capabilities does GemPages offer?
  • A/B testing is available in Version 6 of GemPages. The built-in A/B testing feature in GemPages V6 is designed to optimize your landing pages and website elements created using their drag-and-drop editor. It integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to track essential metrics such as conversions, clicks, and time spent on page, allowing you to evaluate each variation’s performance in achieving your objectives. 

(A/B testing capabilities in Version 7 will be released soon).

  • Other features:  Drag-and-drop editor, AI Image-to-Layout, CRO templates and sections, integrations, and more.
What pricing options does GemPages have?
GemPages pricing.

GemPages provides four types of pricing plans, including free, build, optimize, and enterprise, perfectly suited to meet your business needs.

  • Free: $0
  • Build: $29/ month (most popular)
  • Optimize: $59/ month
  • Enterprise: $199/ month
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7. AB Tasty 

AB Tasty is a comprehensive platform for optimizing customer experiences across websites and mobile applications. It equips businesses with A/B testing tools, personalization features, user engagement capabilities, and advanced analytics.

ABTasty - a conversion rate optimization tool.
What capabilities does AB Tasty offer?
  • A/B Testing: AB Tasty stands out in A/B testing, enabling you to compare various versions of web pages or elements (headlines, buttons, etc.) to see which variation drives the most conversions. This data-driven approach ensures you’re delivering the most impactful experience for your website visitors.
  • Additional functionalities: Experimentation (multivariate testing, QA testing mode, split URL testing, etc), personalization (segment builder, campaign prioritization, standard traveling, etc).
What pricing options does AB Tasty have?
AB Tasty does not publicly disclose its pricing plans, you need to contact them directly for pricing information.

III. Heatmaps and User Behavior Analysis Tools

8. Hotjar 

Hotjar is a comprehensive platform for product experience insights, providing behavior analytics and feedback data to foster a deeper understanding and empathy with your customers. It integrates five essential tools – Heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys, Feedback, and User Interviews – into one powerful platform.  Trusted by 1,300,000+ websites across more than 180 countries, Hotjar empowers businesses to enhance their customer understanding and optimize user experiences.
What capabilities does Hotjar offer?
  • Heatmaps and user behavior feature: This feature visually maps engagement patterns such as clicks, movements, and scrolls in a consolidated grid view. It helps identify key areas of user interest, highlights missed opportunities, and pinpoints sources of user frustration through Rage Click maps. By analyzing behavior both before and after site launches, Hotjar enables you to optimize user experiences across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, ensuring your website is designed to maximize engagement and usability.
  • Additional functionalities: Recordings, surveys, feedback, user interviews. 
What pricing options does Hotjar have?
hojar pricing
  • Basic: $0/ forever
  • Plus: $39/ month
  • Business: $99/ month (most popular)
  • Scale: $213/ month

*Save 20% with annual billing.

9. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is trusted by over 400,000 websites to enhance their online presence. It’s an analytics platform designed to track and optimize visitor behavior, enabling businesses to improve user experience, increase conversion rates, and enhance profitability. Renowned for its heatmap reports, Crazy Egg helps you understand customer navigation, identify points of friction, and implement targeted improvements that directly impact revenue.

Crazy Egg - a conversion rate optimization tool.
What capabilities does Crazy Egg offer?
  • Heatmaps and user behavior feature: Crazy Egg captures snapshots of your webpages to generate five user-friendly reports illustrating visitor click behavior: Heatmap Report, Scrollmap Report, Confetti Report, Overlay Report, and List Report. Each report offers valuable insights into user interactions, enabling effective optimization of your site’s usability and performance.
  • Additional functionalities: website recordings, A/b testing tools, etc.
What pricing options does Crazy Egg have?
  • 30 day free trial
  • Plus: $99/ month
  • Pro: $249/ month (most popular)
  • Enterprize: $499/ month

*All paid plans are billed annually. 

10. Lucky Orange 

Lucky Orange is a solution designed to help users understand why visitors aren’t converting and how to boost sales and capture leads. Among its 10 conversion rate optimization tools, dynamic heatmaps provide insights on every part of your website, including dropdowns and hover-overs. Trusted by over 450,000 websites globally, Lucky Orange heatmaps reveal what grabs user attention, how far they engage, and even which form fields are causing frustration. 

What capabilities does Lucky Orange offer?
  1. Dynamic Heatmaps feature: Lucky Orange offers three types of heatmaps – Scroll, Click, and Moves – that each provide unique insights into visitor behavior.

– Scroll Heatmaps: Indicate how far users scroll down the page before leaving. The color lightens as visitors drop off, helping identify content that isn’t getting much attention.

– Click Heatmaps: Show where users click their mouse on the page, useful for analyzing the effectiveness of clickable elements like CTA buttons.

– Moves Heatmaps: Track where a visitor’s mouse moves as they navigate the page, revealing which elements attract attention and identifying trends in user behavior.

  • Additional functionalities: Session recording, conversion funnels, form analytics, chat, and more.
What pricing options does Lucky Orange have?
Lucky Orange pricing.
  • Free: $0/ month
  • Build: $39/ month
  • Grow: $79/ month (most popular)
  • Expand: $179/ month
  • Scale: $749/ month

*Save 20% with annual billing.

IV. Lead Capture Tools

11. Hubspot

HubSpot, a widely-used CRM platform, offers a suite of tools to help businesses manage customer relationships effectively. Its Marketing Hub features marketing automation tools designed to convert leads into customers efficiently. HubSpot streamlines the process, letting you nurture leads with targeted campaigns and personalized interactions, ultimately driving sales and building lasting relationships.

Hubspot - a conversion rate optimization tool.
What capabilities does Hubspot offer?
  • Centralized CRM: HubSpot’s CRM stores all lead data, making it easy for sales and marketing teams to access and manage leads.
  • Lead Capture Forms: Design attractive forms with a drag-and-drop editor to capture necessary information like names, emails, and company details.
  • Targeted Lead Capture: Create different forms for various website sections or marketing campaigns to tailor messages and capture relevant information.
  • Analytics and Reporting: HubSpot provides robust tools to track lead generation performance, identify effective channels and strategies, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Other Features: Email Marketing, Email Tracking, Marketing Automation, Contact Management, and more.
What pricing options does Hubspot have?
Hubspot pricing.
  • For businesses and enterprises 

–  Marketing Hub Professional: $890/ month 

– Marketing Hub Enterprise: $3,600/ month

*Save more by paying annually

Hubspot pricing.
  • For individuals and small teams

– Free Tools: $0

– Marketing Hub Starter: $20/mo/seat

– Starter Customer Platform: $20/mo/seat

– Marketing Hub Professional: $890/mo

*Save more by paying annually

V. Customer Journey Mapping Tools

12. Smaply

Smaply is a cutting-edge tool for customer journey mapping and management. Utilize Smaply to create, collaborate on, and centrally manage your customer journey maps in real-time.
What capabilities does Smaply offer?
  • Visualize and map the entire customer experience, helping you understand customer interactions with your product or service.
  • Provide tools to create detailed user personas, offering insights into customer needs, interests, and behaviors.
  • Create visual maps illustrating key stakeholder relationships, helping understand their influence on your business.
  • Offer tools like stages, steps, text lanes, storyboards, and emotional journey lanes to create and edit journey maps, including mapping channels, dramatic arcs, and backstage activities.
What pricing options does Smaply have?
Smaply pricing.
  • Free
  • Basic: 19 Eur/ month
  • Pro: 29 Eur/ month
  • Enterprise: Custom

*Save more by paying annually


What Are the Main Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization Stats?

Here are some key CRO statistics you should focus on to improve your Shopify store performance: conversion rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, exit rate, pages per session, and more.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Conversion Rate Optimization Tool for Your Shopify Store?

Some key factors to consider when choosing a CRO tool for your Shopify store:

  • Focus on the functionalities that address your specific needs
  • Suitable pricing and budget for your team
  • Easy to setting and use
  • Integrate with Shopify
  • Not negatively impact your store’s loading times and overall performance.

Which Landing Page Builder Can Help Create High-Converting Shopify Store Pages?

GemPages, a Landing Page Builder with A/B testing features (available in version 6 and soon to be released in version 7), assists in effectively creating, optimizing, and testing your Shopify store pages.

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