9 Best Bundle Apps for Shopify in 2024 (In-depth Comparison)

9 Best Bundle Apps for Shopify in 2024 (In-depth Comparison)

best bundle apps for shopify 2024

If your Shopify store is dealing with some challenges like having excess inventory and lots of products in different categories, here’s an idea: think about bundling your products. It’s a smart strategy to boost your sales while improving customer experience!  In this blog, we’ll give you a simple guide on how bundling can boost your sales and AOV, along with tips on which products work great together. Let’s check out the top 9 best bundle apps for Shopify in 2024 and consider using it for your store!

What are Bundle Apps for Shopify?

If you’re jumping into the Shopify selling platform, you’ve likely come across the concept of Shopify product bundles. But do you really grasp what is a Shopify bundle app and how these amazing apps can boost your sales? Let us explain to you!

Basically, a product bundle is grouping items together and offering special deals or discounts. By putting items together, the bundle app Shopify helps customers have an easier and better buying journey.

Benefits of using Shopify Bundle Apps

Give Customer Pricing Opacity

Bundling is a smart way for businesses to protect profit margins by creating pricing opacity for buyers. When several products are bundled together, buyers often don’t pay much attention to the individual pricing breakdown.

For example, when purchasing a smartphone, many buyers tend to choose a bundled package that includes a charger, even if they already have one at home. Phone companies understand that if the charger is not part of the bundle, customers are less likely to buy it separately.

Increase Sales & Average Order Value

According to Havard Business School, product bundling is a strategy that can boost revenue for businesses. The research highlights the case of Nintendo, a famous gaming company that utilized bundling to increase sales. They found that Nintendo’s bundling packages, including two products, sold 100,000 units. Meanwhile, the game packages with only individual options saw a 20% decrease in sales compared to the bundled package.

Besides, product bundling also raises your Shopify AOV because it encourages customers to purchase more than one item in your store, potentially resulting in larger orders.

Improve Customer Experience

Product bundling not only helps customers save money but also provides them with recommended products that they might need. Just need to make sure that the products included in a bundle are related and complementary, contributing to an improved overall customer experience.

If you’re trying to figure out the best product bundle apps for Shopify, let’s clarify the types of bundle apps and which products should be put in a bundle below. 

Types of Shopify Bundle Apps

Pure bundling

Pure bundles are a mix of products that are only sold within a bundle and aren’t sold separately. In another way, the items in the pure bundles are only sold together. It’s a strategy of sellers to limit customers’ choices. 

Products usually sold in pure bundles, rarely on their own, include one-time purchases and sets with multiple parts. For example, think of a curling iron with different detachable wands –  you usually can’t buy these parts separately.

Pure Bundling Example
A clear example of pure bundling from Dyson, featuring the core product, a curling iron, along with additional items like detachable wands.

Mixed bundling 

Mixed bundling includes a combination of complementary products that can also be individually sold at a discounted price. For instance, an eye makeup kit containing eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara is an example of mixed bundling. While these products can be bought separately, mixed bundling allows buyers to purchase them together at a better price.

An example of mixed bundling from Kylie's Comestic, encouraging buyers to purchase the entire lip kit bundle rather than buying one lipstick or lip liner.

Metrics to Choose the Right Products for Shopify Bundles

Now that you understand what product bundling is and its advantages, let’s explore techniques and metrics for deciding which products should be bundled together. Here are three key metrics:

Most and Least Sold Items

If you choose the right products, bundling is a smart move to sell less popular products and clear dead stocks. Simply pair up the best-selling and less popular items into a bundle. First, identify trending or high-revenue hot products. Then, combine them with lower-selling items, making sure they complement your top sellers.

SKU Profitability

A SKU, which stands for stock-keeping unit number, is a special combination of letters and numbers that shows each item in a store’s inventory. Using SKU profitability reporting, sellers can compare how one product’s performance stacks up against others. It breaks down overhead costs, revealing the true profitability of each product. Based on these data, you can create a list of chosen products for bundling.

Trending Profitability

The market changes every single day and trends can last from 2-6 months to even a year in different areas. By grabbing the instant trend in the market, you gain insights into the seasons when products are in high or low demand. This awareness definitely will guide your decisions when creating bundles.

Now that you understand the different types and metrics for selecting bundled products, you can envision the categories and reasons for choosing a Shopify bundle app. Let’s move on to the next section to find out which bundle app is the right fit for your store.

Detail Reviews of the Top 9 Best Bundle Apps for Shopify

Wide Bundles and Quantity Breaks

Wide Bundles and Quantity Breaks is a handy tool for Shopify merchants, letting you create unlimited bundles, volume discounts, and buy one get one (BOGO) packages with lots of customization options. On the downside, the app doesn’t automatically stop selling items that are out of stock, so sellers have to do that themselves. Also, the pricing is a bit high compared to other Shopify bundle apps, starting at $18 per month.

widebundle bundling app
Wide Bundles and Quantity Breaks is a handy tool for Shopify merchants to create customized bundles.

Highlight Features

  • Create unlimited quantity breaks.
  • Discounts apply automatically for multiple-item purchases.
  • Customize the bundle layout to match your brand style.
  • Display offers alert messages for better visibility.
  • Integrates with upsell apps, side cart apps, or page builders.


  • Offer unlimited bundles.
  • High level of customization.
  • Display offer alert messages for better visibility.


  • No automatic stop for selling items out of stock, merchants need to remove them manually.


  • 4.9 (755 reviews)

Pricing Plan 

  • Basic Plan: $18/month
  • Advanced Plan: $36/month

Bundler - Product Bundle

Bundler – Product Bundle is one of the most popular Shopify bundle apps. In addition to common features like making discounts for bundles, it has something special that you don’t often find in other Shopify bundle apps – bundle savings popups. So, if you want to increase the attention your products get, Bundler might be a great option!
Shopify Bundle App - Bundler
Bundler - Product Bundle is one of the top best product bundle apps for Shopify now in the market.

Highlight Features

  • Create bundles, offer discounts, and set quantity breaks in your store compatible with subscriptions.
  • Include a customized bundle widget.
  • Integrate with Shopify Point of Sale (POS).
  • Automatically recommend bundles to your shoppers.


  • Create different discounts for each bundle.
  • Create a mix-and-match package and bundle savings popups, which aren’t commonly found in other Shopify bundle apps.


  • Shopify themes have errors sometimes, need to contact the support team to fix them.


  • 4.9 (1,219 reviews)

Pricing Plan

  • Free plan
  • Premium: $6.99/month
  • Executive:$9.99/month

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks is a popular Shopify Bundle App. What makes this app stand out is its support for multiple languages and its seamless connection with other Shopify apps like GemPages, Checkout, PageFly, and Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts. It’s a good choice for Shopify store owners who deal with international customers or want a bundle app that smoothly works with other Shopify apps for easier handling.
Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks
One of the biggest advantages of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks is the integration with various Shopify Apps such as GemPages.

Highlight Features

  • Provides data on the revenue generated by the App (conversion from the app).
  • Offers unlimited bundle deals.
  • Choose discounts in percentage, dollars off, or a specific price.
  • Provides customized bundle layout that suits your brand style 
  • Check out the additional revenue on the app’s dashboard.
  • Offers live chat support in different languages.


  • Offers unlimited bundle deals.
  • The app supports multiple languages.
  • It provides strong integration with other Shopify apps such as Checkout, PageFly, GemPages, and Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts.


  • Limited in bundle customization.
  • Some features are complex and may take time to learn.


  • 4.9 (522 reviews)

Pricing Plan 

  • Basic Yearly: $9.99/month
  • Basic Monthly: $14.99/month


Vitals is a well-known Shopify Bundle App, letting users create unlimited bundles and discounts. One of the significant advantages of Vitals is that it allows your store to collect reviews from other selling platforms like AliExpress, building trust for your shop. However, the pricing plan is quite higher than other Shopify bundle apps, starting from $29.99/month. You can consider using Vitals based on the pros and cons listed below!

Vitals Shopify Bundle App
Vitals is a popular all in one marketing tool for Shopify, including product bundling

Highlight Features

  • Create countdown timers and social proof with the urgency feature.
  • Showcase customer reviews with a strong product reviews feature.
  • Display payment icons, and trust indicators using the trust badges feature.
  • Show real-time notifications of recent purchases with the sales pop feature in the Vitals App Shopify.


  • Allows your stores to collect reviews from other selling platforms such as AliExpress, etc. 
  • The urgency feature creates a sense of urgency to purchase more.


  • Pricing plans are much higher compared to other bundling apps, starting from $29.99.


  • 5.0 (6,700 reviews)

Pricing Plan 

  • Hobby: $29.99/month
  • Business: $49.99/month
  • Pro: $89.99/month
  • Plus: $299.99/month

UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle

The UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle, as its name, is a standout choice for sellers seeking an effective upselling tool. UFE lets users create upsells, cross-sells, and other bundles to encourage buyers to make additional purchases. This app also has some drawbacks, and one of them is the lack of multiple language support. However, if your main focus is on upselling strategies, UFE is still a good choice. To make an informed decision, you can check out the pros and cons of UFE.
UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle
UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle helps Shopify owners boost sales and AOV.

Highlight Features

  • One-click upsells: Easily grab extra sales with a single click at checkout.
  • Volume Discounts: Offer quantity breaks, tiered pricing, and more for products.
  • After-sale Upsells: Show additional discounts on product pages to boost revenue.
  • Post-purchase Upsells: Recommend more products after purchase for added satisfaction.


  • Many upsell options, bundle discounts, and pop-up reminders.
  • Schedule offers with start and end dates for your upsell deals.


  • Does not support multiple languages.
  • Some features are complex and may take time to learn, especially for upselling beginners.


  • 4.8 (961 reviews)

Pricing Plan 

  • Free forever: Free to install
  • Pay per use: $9.99/month

Rebolt Bundle Upsell

Rebolt Bundle Upsell is an app that makes it easy to create Shopify bundles, including various types like mix and match, frequently bought together, and customized bundles. It also allows seamless integration with other Shopify apps. However, some features might be hard to handle for Shopify owners using bundle apps for the first time. 

Rebolt Bundle Upsell is a Shopify bundle app that helps Shopify sellers create customized bundles.

Highlight Features

  • Create unlimited bundles.
  • Integrate with side cart apps, upsell apps, and page builders.
  • Offer various types of bundles, including frequently bought together, mix & match bundles, volume discounts, etc.
  • Provides customized bundle layout that suits your brand style.


  • Many product bundling options.
  • Seamless integration with page builder, side cart apps, etc.


  • Shopify themes have errors sometimes, need to contact the support team to fix it.
  • Some features are complex and may take time to learn.
  • Limited reporting.


  • 4.8 (873 reviews)

Pricing Plan 

  • Free Plan 
  • Advance: $14.49/month

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together stands out in the market with its well-trained AI algorithm. It offers a complete product recommendation based on AI analysis and data, making sure to suggest relevant product bundles. With this bundle app, Shopify owners can create a better buying experience for buyers. 

Frequently Bought Together is one of the best bundle apps for Shopify that sellers should consider.

Highlight Features

  • Get AI-powered bundle suggestions.
  • Customize themes with live preview.
  • Boost conversion rates with four types of bundle discounts.


  • Get AI-powered bundle suggestions.


  • Some features are complex and may take time to learn.


  • 4.9 (2,326 reviews)

Pricing Plan 

  • Unlimited: $9.99/month

Fast Bundle | Upsell Bundle

Besides basic features, Fast Bundle | Product Bundle lets buyers easily create their own combos with bundled collections. This can be a great way to enhance sales and create an engaging experience for customers. However, some Shopify merchants struggle with changing the style without coding. Additionally, it has fewer promotional options compared to some other Shopify bundle apps. 

With Fast Bundle | Upsell Bundles, Shopify shop owners can easily create bundles to increase sales.

Highlight Features

  • Make classic, mix-and-match, and recommended bundles.
  • Create bundles and kits as easy one-click products for sales.
  • Let buyers easily create their own combos with bundled collections.
  • Supports various languages.


  • Let buyers easily create their own combos with bundled collections.
  • Supports various languages.


  • No easy way to change styles without coding.
  • Limited promotional features.


  • 4.8 (405 reviews)

Pricing Plan

  • Free Plan 
  • Standard (1K): $19/month
  • Standard (3K): $49/month
  • Standard (10K): $139/month

Pumper Bundle Quantity Break

Pumper Bundle Quantity Break comes with a cool feature – optimized conversion templates for better sales. Using the Pumper Bundle, you can easily set flexible discounts per unit, percentage, or flat rate. Plus, it’s a completely free tool, making it a great choice for small businesses looking to save on costs.

Pumper Bundle Quantity Break is a bundle app for Shopify, which offers a free plan for users to try

Highlight Features

  • Offer optimized conversion templates for better conversions.
  • Set discounts per unit, percentage, or flat rate.
  • Customize to match your store’s theme.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Offer optimized conversion templates for better conversions.



  • Encounter errors sometimes, need to contact the support team to fix them.


  • 5.0 (404 reviews)

Pricing Plan

  • Free

Final words: What are the best Bundle Apps for Shopify?

Selecting the best bundle apps for Shopify can be challenging since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, the nine mentioned bundle apps on Shopify can be categorized into four purposes.

If your goal is to create bundles that boost sales and create a sense of urgency with bundle popups, consider using Bundler, UFE, and Wide.

For those seeking robust integration with other Shopify tools, Kaching, Vitals, and Rebolt are well-suited options.

If you prioritize crafting an engaging buying experience, check out Frequently Bought Together and Fast, both strong contenders in this aspect.

Lastly, if you’re a cost-conscious Shopify merchant, Pumper might be the one for you because it’s totally free.

Just pick what fits your needs the best!

FAQs About the Best Bundle Apps for Shopify

What Bundle App does Shopify Recommend for Multi-Product Packages?

The popular choice is the “Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks” app. This well-known Shopify Bundle App not only allows users to create various bundle types but also seamlessly integrates with other Shopify apps. 

How can Bundling Add Value to Customers?

Bundling adds value to customers by making shopping easier and saving them money. When products are bundled together, it’s convenient for customers as they can find related items in one go. Plus, bundled deals often come with discounts, giving customers a financial benefit and encouraging them to try out different products together at a better price. This not only improves their overall shopping experience but also helps them discover new items they might enjoy.

How does Bundling Increase Sales?

Bundling increases sales by offering customers attractive deals that encourage them to buy more. When products are bundled together, customers often perceive it as a better value, leading to larger and more frequent purchases. The discounted pricing in bundled packages acts as an incentive, enticing customers to choose the bundled option rather than individual items. This strategy not only boosts the overall sales volume but also contributes to a higher Average Order Value (AOV), benefiting the business.

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